Marathon Massage

Every body needs to be kneaded



You’re an athlete!  Your performance counts!

Reduce your marathon time and speed your recovery time!

A certified sports massage therapist has a keen understanding of anatomy and physiology, kinesiology, combined with an expert knowledge of the muscles used in running and which are candidates for trouble.

The overall objective of a massage maintenance program is to help the athlete reach optimal performance through injury-free training.  Maintenance massage can increase range of motion, break up scar tissue that may be built up in the muscles, reduce recovery time between workout and limit the strain of repetitive motion.  The healing time of injuries incurred while training can be significantly reduced with massage as well by promoting circulation and mobility in the body.

A full massage-training program includes maintenance massage as well as pre and post event massage with varying techniques to encourage endurance, reduce chances of injury and shorten recovery time.

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